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Hail to the Chief

Art by Brian Bolland from Judge Caligula Book 1

So how did a certifiable madman like Cal with his unique ideas on Judge's attire and candidates for his second-in-command become Chief Judge of Mega-City 1? Actually there's a fairly simple answer so let's ask a harder question, why didn't anyone in Justice Department notice they had a nutcase serving as both Deputy Chief Judge and head of the Special Judical Squad? The latter has never been answered to my satisfaction so I can only conclude that either (A) Cal did an excellent job of faking sanity and his megalomania didn't explode until he was on top ; or ; (B) After this debacle the entire staff of the Justice Central Psychiatric Assessment Division were sentenced to Titan for gross incompetence. Anyway let's return to the original question, how did Cal become the Chief Judge? Answer, the old fashioned way. By assassinating his predecessor.

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