The Walter the Wobot Shrine : The Day The Law Died - Page 6

The Betrayal - Phase 2

Things were definitely looking bleak but Walter managed to rise to the occasion. Art by Brett Ewins & Brendan McCarthy

Cal didn't like being called crazy and Judge Slocum vowed to keep a close eye on Walter sure he could prove his defection a fraud and regain Cal's goodwill. Meanwhile Cal ordered maximum publicity for Walter's change of heart.

Public opinion started to turn against Dredd which Walter didn't like much but he grit his teeth ... metaphorically speaking and soldiered on looking for his chance.

Things looked bleak for Walter. Fortunately for both him and Mega-City 1 Cal hadn't forgotten Slocum's unwise remark. Before he could report Walter's double-cross Slocum wound up paralysed then pickled alive. Lucky the Kleggs who had been guarding Walter weren't bright enough to know what was going on and presumambly wandered off on learning Slocum wasn't going to need them anymore.

Cal had no idea he had just returned the key to Dredd's victory to Walter. But neither Dredd nor Walter had any idea that time was fast running out for Mega-City 1.

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