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Independence Day

Cal's brutal dictatorship had one thing going for it, he made the trains run on time. He also accelerated the mail service to maximum efficency on pain of death. Ironically that helped cause his downfall. Art by Ron Smith

Dredd gave Pepper a week to complete the deprogramming tape but what nobody knew was that Mega-City 1 didn't have a week left. Cal's dementia began accelerating and he took to raving at the spirits of the former Chief Judges who he heard telling him his perfect city must fall. Then one morning ...

So all Dredd and his group had to do was find a way to sneak into the Hall of Justice past hundreds of Judges. Luckily they had a man ... robot on the inside.

Dredd managed to deprogram enough Judges to give himself an army against the Kleggs and rode off to kick alien butt. Which effectively ended Walter's part in The Day The Law Died. Ironically in the final showdown it was the moronic Fergee rather than Dredd who saved the day. Dredd swore he wouldn't be forgotten and kept his word. However Walter seemed to have disappeared into the background again.

Still we did discover sometime later Walter regained his free robot status for his aid against Cal. A status which Walter didn't throw away a second time.

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