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    Since the main Magnesite page is near to overflowing I'm setting 
this one up to hold the spillover.  So you won't find a lot here 
beyond entires to the "Write a Magnesite" story contest, some very 
unfinished stories and the archive of my Sailor Moon Expanded stories

- Mark Latus
  March 11 1998

The "Write a Magnesite" Story has concluded since I wrote the intro 
and TrboTurtle won.

Magnesite's files

The Frameup: A.G. Lyman's entry in the "Write a Magnesite Story" contest
Fire & Ice: The partially written story of the DKR's return to the SM universe
Lesser & Greater: One day this will be a teamup between the Outer Senshi & Sailor Arcturus in Post Great Darkness Britain. Right now it's just a flashback between Azurite and Titanite.
Cynics Guide to Crystal Tokyo: Another barely begun project
Sentai Bogosity: This originated from a fan letter comparing the DKR to a Power Ranger style superteam. Incomplete
Shadow of the Overlord - Prologue: The start of a series of four interconnected post BMW stories. Not coming anytime soon
Magnesite's Office: Link to my main fanfiction page
Case of the Murdered Millionaire : - TrboTurtle's entry in the "Write a Magnesite story" contest
The Catgirl Caper: - Austin Loomis's entry in the "Write a Magnesite story" Contest
A Decent Dive: -Ron Inn's story of how Magnesite got out of Crystal Tokyo before the Black Moon War started
The Walter the Wobot Shrine: My tribute to Judge Dredd's original comic relief/ sidekick
The Parking Lot is Full: A comic strip that's way beyond "The Far Side"
Bruno The Bandit: A humourous Sword & Sorcery strip about the misadventures of Bruno and his sidekick Fiona the mini dragon
Sluggy Freelance: One of my favourite webcomics. Is it not nifty?
Kevin and Kell: Another of my favourite webcomics

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My SME stories

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Sentai Bogosity - Final version:

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