The Walter the Wobot Shrine : The Weturn of Walter

Clash of the Titans!

Okay so it turned out a lot like their first fight and wasn't Walter's greatest moment but at least he tried. Naturally Mrs Gunderson didn't notice what had happened to Walter or that the now homicidal Herman was trying to kill her. She even missed Judge Dredd's arrival and his fight with Mean but at least she noticed when Weather Control's meltdown turned the blizzard into a flash flood. She sort of noticed anyway.

Thanks to the fortuitous detonation of "Urban Terror"'s bomb the flood waters drained through the blast hole so the Quite Nice Bar survived another disaster. Leaving Dredd with the problem of cleaning up afterwards.

I assume Walter was repaired and returned to Mrs. Gunderson's custody afterwards but this was the last of Walter's appearances to date so that concludes my tribute to one of the all time great characters of 2000 AD. But before we go here's a rare Walter image from a vintage Judge Dredd pinball machine.
Image donated by W.R. Logan and the Class of 79

When all is said and done there's only one thing left to say.

Walter the Wobot we salute you!

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