A Dreddful Christmas Tale

It's interesting to note that in his first Christmas story Judge Dredd actually has some seasonal spirit which I attribute to Walter's influence. It was after Walter dropped out of his life we got stories like A Merry Tale of the Christmas Angel, It's a Dreddful Life, Little Spuggy's Christmas and all Dredd's other "I hate Christmas" stories. I'll be setting up a page for them come December but right now we're dealing with this first one. Getting back to December of 1977 and Prog 44's Dredd story it was titled Red Christmas and opened with Walter being kidnapped by a man dressed as Santa Claus. A man who promised Dredd this would be his last Christmas.

Naturally Dredd outwitted the vengeful Geek and after freeing Walter was ready to get back on duty. But Walter had other plans and amazingly Dredd went along with them.

So even Judge Dredd can make merry on occasion. Who knew? And a premature (or belated) Merry Christmas to you all.

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