The Walter the Wobot Shrine : Return to Mega City 1
In Prog 59 Dredd's six month term as Judge-Marshal of Luna-1 expired and it was back to Mega City One for the Judge and Walter. Walter didn't show any regrets about leaving Roberta so I guess things didn't work out between them. Perhaps there's only room in a droid's CPU for one great love or maybe Walter had been hanging around with humans too long. Who knows? Anyway the pair returned to Mega City One, during the descent Dredd made his famous quote about the city. "Mega-City 1 ... 800 million people and every one of them a potential criminal. The most violent, evil city on Earth ... But, God help me, I love it!" Shortly after Dredd's arrival both Walter and Maria couldn't help noticing that Dredd was acting more than a little strangely. Script by John Wagner, Art by Mike McMahon.

With the arrival of a rookie judge things became clear. His term as Marshal of Luna-1 had meant Dredd wasn't officially a Judge anymore. Once he had taken his oath he borrowed the rookie's bike and was back to his old self. "Anything special you boys want me to put on your gravestones?" "P-Put 'Died of old age', Judge. We surrender!" A conversation between Dredd and one of the smarter criminals he's encountered.

Though nobody knew it yet Dredd's homecoming would be brief. But first there was a crucial point in Dredd and Walter's relationship to be resolved.

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