The Walter the Wobot Shrine : The Robot Wars 1

In the very early days 2000 AD didn't list writer or artist. While the artists can be identified by their distinctive styles writers are a different matter. The early Dredds were written by both John Wagner and Pat Mills. Which of them was responsible for this stoy I don't know but there was no shortage of artists. Carlos Esquerra, Ron Turner, Mike MaMahon and Ian Gibson all drew parts of what is arguably the first Judge Dredd epic story. Very short by later standards but with Dredd only getting four pages per issue it was long, relatively speaking. From Prog 10 here is Walter's first appearance by the artist who gave Judge Dredd his distinctive appearance, Carlos Esquerra.
Ron Turner took over the art chores for the outbreak of the robot war in Prog 11.
Soon Call-Me-Kenneth had his army and humanity was under seige in Mega City One. I picked this particular scene because I've always liked the breakfast placard. Art by Mike McMahon from Prog 12.
Back to Ron Turner for Prog 13 as Walter reappears and acquires the distinctive lisp that will become his trademark.
A very dramatic moment. Great place to say Continued on page 2.

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