The Walter the Wobot Shrine : Rowena
In Prog 47 Walter met Rowena, a humble serving droid who worked for a sweet old lady. A widow being menaced by claimjumping villains but too stubborn to go to the judges. Walter brought her to tell Dredd her story only to be told that crimes cannot be reported by a robot (except a free robot). This upset Rowena but Walter tried to comfort her by saying Dredd would take care of things. Which he did, Dredd and his mexican deputies just happened hanging around the neighbourhood when the badguys showed up. Surprisingly once things were all taken care of Rowena showed up again leading Dredd to wonder what she wanted. He soon figured it out. Land Race - Script by John Wagner, Art by Brian Bolland.

More Luna-1 material will be added later (incidentally almost all the Walter solo stories took place on Luna-1) but until then you'll have to settle for seeing what happened after Judge Dredd and Walter returned to Mega City 1

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