The Walter the Wobot Shrine : Synthi-Caff Vindilu

The Sting

So how did the scene on this cover come about? Well it all started one day when one of Walter's culinary experiments was too much even for an iron man like Dredd. Art by Ian Gibson from Prog 191

Walter set out to wander the areas where robots had been disappearing. He was joined by his friend Cranky who decided to tag along. Cranky had a far lower opinion of human masters than Walter and we can only assume the two of them liked to argue the topic. Everything worked out exactly as planned as Walter and Cranky were grabbed by the thieves and hustled into a van. Then things started going very wrong for Walter.

Like the van the perp's headquarters were shielded so Dredd had no way to track Walter and he had no way to let Dredd know their location. Cranky was dragged off for reprograming and all too soon returned from the operating room with a new name and no memories. Ready to be sold on the black market. Walter realized he had to signal Judge Dredd fast.

Which brings us back to the scene on the cover as Dredd arrived in the nick of time. As soon as the thieves were taken away Dredd asked Walter the million cred question.

Perhaps the only time Dredd has ever expressed that sentiment.

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