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The Sleeper Wakes - Page 1

The Sleeper by John Wagner and Geoff Senior brought Walter back from limbo. Published in the Judge Dredd Yearbook 1992 it gave an extremely abbreviated version of where he had been the past ten years. It also revealed for the first time that the freedom Walter had thrown away back in Prog 60 had been restored for his aid in the war against the insane Chief Judge Cal. If he had attempted to give himself to Dredd a second time is unknown as is just when Dredd kicked him out. We can only speculate. The reunion began when producer Iggy Zeigler was murdered by a Q-19 manservant robot accompanied by two bellhop droids. Dredd destroyed one of the bellhops but the other two droids managed to escape after Q-19 threw their wrecked and burning car at him. The smashed robot was identified as one of three reported stolen that morning from "Walt's Used Droid Lot". A business that had been founded in the wake of Necropolis two years earlier. Impassive as ever Dredd went to investigate in person.

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