The Walter the Wobot Shrine : The Sleeper - 2

The Sleeper Wakes - Page 2

Meanwhile Control finds the connection between Q-19's former owner and the late Iggy Zeigler.
All the pieces come together for Dredd and the Judge theorizes that the missing Q-19 is a sleeper.
Dredd's theory turns out to be all too true for Q-19's other two targets. Unfortunately by this time Q-19 has already stuffed Blanche DeBlank in her garbage grinder and traced Errol Cassowary to the Shark Club. Dredd did comment that his orders for Q-19 to drop Cassowary were a little ill-chosen since it was holding Cassowary over a tank full of sharks at the time. The case is closed but Walter's problems are just beginning.
It's hard to say if that ending shows the power of love or is just plain pathetic. At any rate despite Dredd's unconditional rejection Walter still perservered in his devotion to the Judge. Which would be lucky for Dredd when the Inferno disaster hit Mega City One about 18 months later.

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