Sailor Moon Expanded : The Next Generation presents
Version 2.0 by Mark Latus

1. Wasted Teens Land 3004 AD Sailors V and Arcturus moved as quietly as possible through the forest. A low mist covered the ground while bare, gnarled trees dripping with fungus towered above them. A myriad of cries of unknown origin echoed around them along with the bubbling of an unseen marsh. It was, they both had to agree, exactly the sort of place you'd expect to find a monster. Sailor V whispered, "Now, soon as we spot the genie I'll give the speech while you cover me." Her partner sighed. "Look will you forget the speech! Soon as we spot it we should blast it." "Sailor V always introduces herself!" "Who too? There's no one here but us and the genie and it's not going to care who we are ahhhh!" Sailor V rolled her eyes as her friend stumbled and grabbed a tree for support. "That's the third time! You're so clumsy!" "Hey, you try walking in these heels!" "Why won't you wear flats? Forget image, how are you gonna fight if you can't even stand up?" "I'll be fine!" Arcturus was almost as stubborn as V. "Yeah, right." They began squabbling, forgetting why they'd been trying to keep quiet. They were abruptly reminded when they emerged into a clearing and almost walked into their prey. The hulking white creature took a few moments to notice them. Then it roared in defiance. Arcturus took a few steps to the side so they could bracket the genie in a crossfire and cursed as V stood her ground and began a speech. "Creature of evil the hour of retribution has ... holy shit!" It didn't have the brains to comprehend her words and fight or flight reaction had yielded fight. "Sailor V Beam!" It was a pretty good recovery as she targeted the charging monster. Unfortunately her aim wasn't equal to her reaction time and the energy bolt tore past it without contact. Before she could even curse it was before her and punching a clawed hand into her chest. Sailor V was still staring at her chest wound in disbelief as the creature tore free to deeal with the second intruder. Sailor Arcturus spun to blast the creature, the plasma sphere armed and ready. Clear shot, it was history except ...! Sailor V realized she was dead and fell down clearing the line of fire. Arcturus raised her hands taking a step forward in her eagerness. Her heel went out under her and her ankle twisted. Still sealed within its containment field the sphere bounced away into the undergrowth. Arcturus fell forward with a cry and felt her ankle catch fire. She clutched at it and hissed in pain. Damn! What a time to sprain ... She suddenly realized she'd let the pain distract her as the shadow fell over her. Arcturus looked up in time to see the claws arcing down in a decapitating strike. She gave a shriek and raised her arms to shield herself automatically. When next she opened her eyes it was to see her headless body lying on the ground a short distance away. The creature threw back its head and howled in triumph as her blood dripped from its talons. Forceshield! She should have raised her forceshield! Or tried to generate an energy bat to block its arm. She felt like a real idiot. A rose punched into the ground stem first directly in her line of sight. She looked up and to her right to see the figure in a tuxedo standing on a branch a few metres up. "The flower of a girl's youth should not be wasted upon such a vile visage. They should seek love and the shelter of strong arms not the bloody clash of battle. Face your true adversary monster for Tuxedo Mask shall vanquish ..." He took in the sight of the two deceased senshi having been too busy setting up his entrance to follow the brief fight. "Ah! T'would appear my timing was less opportune than I believed!" The Genie took no notice of him. Its job was done so it shimmered out of existence. A pleasant female voice announced, "This combat simulation has concluded. You have both been killed by a level one GENerIc Enemy. Your combat rating is ...", a fractional pause for assessment, "..pathetic." Kodachi Aino got to her feet, the yellow "Not Suitable For Children" banner vanishing from her chest along with the simulated wound it had covered. "No way that was a level one! And what are you doing here?" Tuxedo Mask dropped down to the ground and looked down on his sister with his usual imperial distain. "I have arrived to protect my love for such is my destiny. Fair Sylvite you should leave such graceless sports to those like my sister whom fate has blessed with athletic prowess to offset her lack of wits." Kodachi took a moment to work this out then glared at her brother. Unconsciously her right hand started glowing. "Alan, I've said it many times before but I'll say it again. I'm not your girlfriend! Why can't you ever understand that?" Sylvite sat up and started massaging her aching ankle. She noticed her simulated headless body blink out along with the yellow censor panel that had covered the neck stump. She ignored the psychoplasm rose Alan offered and wondered what she'd done to deserve this. Years ago her mother had warned her that physically developing at a much faster pace than her contemporaries would bring problems but she'd figured that meant from boys her own age. She had been unprepared for the swarm of older boys who found her combination of beauty and naivety irresistible. Over the past few years this had resulted in a definite cynicism towards the male gender. Alan was more honest and honourable in his intentions than most of them which was the sole reason she had never pounded him. Actually that wasn't quite true, there were other reasons. From birth her parents had taught that most other children and indeed most adults were fragile by comparison and she must not to abuse her innate abilities. Of late she had found herself beset by boys too thick to pick up on any less subtle rejection but she had decided abuse meant permanent harm. With the result that there was a sizeable percentage of boys at Sakurada Haruna Memorial Junior High showing up with bruises. How the rumour she'd date any boy who could defeat her had got started she had no idea. But despite publicly denying it several times she still had to keep battling her way into school. While she was heartily sick of it she actually found those idiots preferable to the creeps who tried to take advantage of her youth and inexperience. Besides there was a certain satisfaction in having an excuse to pound boys which was why she had never made a formal complaint to the school board. Alan was the only one of her would be suitors to approach openly and without guile. She had also looked up to him as a sort of older brother in her childhood and retained a certain measure of affection for him. On the negative side he had appointed himself her protector when she was more than capable of taking care of herself. Good grief, she had a lot more power than him being pure youma instead of one of the near human Ainos. This whole Tuxedo Mask image got on her nerves. She didn't need him or any other boy to take care of her. Kodi was all the help she needed ... okay admittedly they had just screwed up big time in the simulation but that was just inexperience. Even so she didn't want or need help from Alan or any other boy. Why couldn't he get the message and leave her alone? Currently he was ignoring the "I don't want your damn help!" glare she was giving him and look solicitous again. Alan gestured at her aching ankle as she kept rubbing it.. "Would you like me too ..." "No, it'll be fine in a few minutes." She sighed, one more try at using reason. "Look Alan I realise you mean well and I did like you a lot when I was younger but that was over with a long time ago. There's plenty of girls around who'd consider you a great catch. Why don't you find yourself a girl your own age? Like one of the twins or Hematite or whoever else you hang around with?" He blinked "Hematite? While she is beauteous in form and mind she is my cousin ..." "So am I!" Alan gave her a patronizing smile. "Our fathers our cousins through their mothers thus our blood relationship is most tenuous. It is no impediment to a true meeting of our hearts. But even though Hematite were unrelated to me I would choose you over her ... "Alan you're seven years older than me and don't give me that 'full blooded youma girls grow up faster' bit again! Mom may have but Aunt Ti took her time and so will I! Forget how I look and try to remember I'm only fourteen years old!" He didn't seem to get it so she kept going. "Look the Tuxedo Mask bit may have working on Sailor Moon despite the age difference but it doesn't do a thing for me!" Alan answered her with his, 'Alas, my love rejects me once more' look. Which meant all she'd done was give him romantic sorrow. Once again he'd be down for a little while then redouble his determation to win her heart. Sure that true love would win as it always did here in Crystal Tokyo. Sylvite sighed. Mom had warned her that in his younger days Uncle Cal had been an idiot when it came to women. Looked like he'd passed that on to Alan along with the shaping ability. As for Alan he wasn't quite done yet. He was unhappy but hardly about to take it out on her. However his sister was another matter. He gestured to theplace their adversary had stood. "You were incorrect sister, that truly was a level one genie. It reacted slowly and did not sense either of you until both were almost standing before it. Had you been paying attention either of you could have vanquished it with ease before it attacked. Instead both of you died pointlessly and unpleasantly. Kodak, its claws drove through your right breast shredding the upper lobe of your right lung before puncturing the superior vena cava and your aorta. While the penetration was too high to strike the heart the combination of severed major blood vessels and a sucking chest would was more that sufficient to ...." "Big brother, shut up. What's important is we screwed up and got killed. Fine, we know that! Who cares about all the gory details? And stop calling me Kodak!" "The fool hides her face from unpleasant truths. Or to put it terms you'll understand you're nowhere near ready to face anything real. It would rend my heart to see my true love injured ..." Syl rolled her eyes but he didn't notice. "If you cannot be dissuaded from this foolish course then I will teach you ..." "Forget it big brother!" Kodachi was emphatic. "I admit we need training but you can't teach us what we need. We don't just want to know how to fight properly. We need to learn to do it with the right style. So we can be top rank lesser senshi, worthy successors who nobody doubts deserve to use the names we've revived. To do that we're going to need someone with the right experience. Lucky I know just the person!" Syl shook her head, "Forget it Kodi-chan. Mom'll never go for it. She's never been that keen on the whole lesser senshi thing. That's why she stopped appearing as Sailor Arcturus. She just used the image when she had to!" "Actually I was thinking of Aunt Ti." Aunt Ti? Sylvite thought about that. Yeah, that made a lot of sense. "Kodi-chan, you're a genius! Who better than Sailor Polaris, the original lesser senshi?" Alan looked thoughtful. "Rare as it is sister you have had a reasonable idea. I suggest you treasure this moment for you may not experience such a time again." "Alan if you really want to impress me you'll stop putting Kodi down all the time." "I will be happy to do so should my sister promise to do the reverse." Kodachi snorted, "Give up insulting you? It'll be a cold day in hell." "That would appear to settle the matter." Sylvite sighed. "I guess. Glad I'm an only child the way you two carry on." Alan surprised her by saying, "Siblings are not without their good points but remain a mixed blessing at best." Looking reluctant Kodachi nodded in agreement. Sylvite glanced at the watch embedded in her armband. "We've still got the place for another ten minutes. You want to ..." Kodi thought for a second then shook her head. "No, by the time we get another simulation running it'll be time to clear out. And it'd be a cheat to run the old one again because we'd know what to expect so there's no real competition. Better clear out." Kodachi sighed, "As we didn't last long enough to work up a sweat there's not much point in hitting the showers so we might as well change right back." "Right." Sylvite rested her hand on the armband then hesitated and looked at Alan. He nodded in agreement and said, "So as not to disturb decorum I shall depart while you change. I am sure I will enjoy your company another time." He did a quick bow to Sylvite, "Your servant ...", while just glancing at Kodachi. "Sister." With that he stepped towards a patch of forest which suddenly irised open to reveal a corridor. It closed behind him restoring the illusion. Sylvite touched her wristband while Kodachi's finger's brushed her mask. Neither felt in the mood for any ceremony about untransforming. Kodachi's Sailor V costume shifted back to a pink blouse and skirt combination that she felt complimented her hair nicely. In place of a mask she was now wearing a pair of large round eyeglasses. Her eyesight was fine the glasses being just a fashion accessory. With magi-sci medical technology no one in Crystal Tokyo had eye problems unless they insisted on avoiding treatment. However there was currently a craze for wearing plain glass frames among teenage girls and Kodachi had hopped on the bandwagon. More for the in-look than to attract boys which was the reason most wore them. Besides it gave her a neat place to conceal her costume transmuter. The whole fad was supposed to have been triggered by the usual source. Pictures of the senshi as teenagers. This time a picture of Mercury wearing glasses had circulated. Someone had said, "Kawaii!" and it had snowballed from there. Sylvite's costume vanished and her spiked wristband became a watch. She was wearing her usual loose clothing, an oversized shirt topping a pair of baggy pants. She tried not to look overly relieved at getting out of the costume. God, that thing was tight! She wasn't used to that skintight stuff after years of wearing the exact opposite. Kodachi noticed her friend's concealed expression but didn't comment. It would take Syl a while to get adapt to the rather extreme wardrobe change. She'd taken to oversized clothing a couple of years earlier as her figure developed far faster than her personality. Growing sick of the attention this gained her from their school's male populace she had started dressing to conceal her lush shape. Which Kodachi thought was a shame as Syl had a great body ... which was just stating the facts nothing more than that! Sylvite was a very attractive young woman ... that is teenager with the body of a sexy young woman ... that was undeniable and it didn't mean anything more than that. A simple aesthetic judgement nothing more. Before too long she'd fill out herself then they could compare their figures and ... nothing wrong with that, the girls at school did it all the time. Perfectly natural. "Kodi, you okay?" Kodachi pulled herself out of the reverie. "Huh, uhm fine. Why?" "You're looking kind of flushed." "I am ... must be Alan, he always gets me worked up. You're lucky you don't have a brother!" "The way you two squabble I guess you're right." Sylvite frowned, "Say, how does Alan keep turning up wherever I am? I'm the one who can teleport and Dad swears he's shown no signs of learning space folding or anything like that. It's not his field of study anyway." In fact over at CTU Alan was majoring in English Literature with a minor in healing magic. During his free time he was continuing to study at a dojo founded by one of his elder brothers that specialized in fighting styles to enhance one's paranormal capabilities. Because of Crystal Tokyo's rules the dojo was located in outside Crystal Tokyo. Family legend had it that Daisuke Aino had been forced to learn to fight once he left CT because of his extremely bishouen appearance. Whatever the story he had been initially taught by their father how to utilize his innate abilities then used several decades of his Aino clan lifespan to travel the world studying varied martial arts. Which he had synthesised together with his own paranormal capabilities to found the Parasynthesis School of Martial Arts. It was renowned as an excellent training center for those possessing powers and learning to use and control them. But because of the time requirements and the formal structure most considering the champion lifestyle were still self taught lacking the necessary patience. Which was fine with Daisuke who considered the school's mission more of a pathway to self awareness rather than teaching people the best way to whack each other. This was why both Sylvite and Kodachi had considered trying the PSMA but rejected the idea. They wanted to become Sailor Senshi now! Not in ten years time. During the war Daisuke (who was nearing his 500th birthday) while not officially part of the Crystal Tokyo forces had been effective as a guerilla in occupied Japan. Also during the war Calcite had promised young Alan that if he wanted to learn to fight so he could help defend Crystal Tokyo then he would let him study under Daisuke when he was old enough. After war had ended Alan hadn't forgotten that and Calcite had kept his word, enrolling him at 8. Minako had been a little concerned but hadn't interfered. Though this hadn't been from objections to Alan learning to fight and defend himself. Rather it was due to a lingering sense of wrongness over their older son's lifestyle. Having grown up in a Kingdom where centuries of fear and deference to their leaders had lead to acceptance of everything they did Calcite had never really understood the problem. Though he considered it ironic that there were any ways in which his former homeland was more tolerant than some terrestrial societies. As for Alan, Daisuke considered his younger brother a good student on the physical side of the training regime but more than a little obsessive over certain things. His younger sister's assessment was much harsher. Or as she put it, "Why don't you ever tell Alan to go ... to leave you alone?" She sounded hesitant as she added, "You're not ... you're not starting to buy into his lunacy are you?" "Come on Kodi! We both know I'm sick of boys bothering me. Testosterone driven idiots! No wonder none of the real Senshi were teenage boys. Destiny knew better! Give one of those idiots real power and they'd blow up the world showing off what they could do!" Getting her temper under control she added, "But there's no need for you to follow my example. Just because I avoid boys doesn't mean you have to." Kodachi snorted. "After seeing the way they act around you do you expect me to be inspired to date them? You're right, they're all jerks! Let's talk about something pleasant." "Okay. So how about we call Aunt Ti and see if we can meet with her for a hour or so this evening to discuss things. I'll bet it'll take us a bit of time to talk her into this." Kodachi looked a little ill at ease, "Uhm, actually I'm kinda busy this evening ... you remember the Japanese history paper that's due tomorrow?" "The one on the 19th century they assigned us last week?" Kodi nodded and Sylvite remembered the teacher commenting that she was picking a time before everyone's parents were born just to be fair. "Sure, I did it the night they assigned it. I thought you said ..." "Yeah, well I sort of exaggerated when I said I was working on it ..." "How much have you done?" "Well ... this is only a rough guess but I would say approximately ... none." Sylvite rolled her eyes. "Honestly Kodi, you are hopeless." "Guess I take after Mom. Unfortunately I don't have a talking cat to keep me on track." "Which is why it's up to me to look after you. Hold on." With that Sylvite wrapped her arms around Kodachi and the latter closed her eyes. She found the warp point and the pair vanished from the palace only to rematerialise in front of the main branch of the Crystal Tokyo library. Contrary to twentieth century expectations these institutions had not gone the way of the dodo. While it was true that its entire contents could be condensed to a few molecular encoded discs Sailor Mercury had lead the move to avoid this. She had felt that if every scrap of information in Crystal Tokyo was potentially available from home no one would bother to access it. But if you had to work for it the curious would come and some would learn to enjoy broadening their intellectual horizons. Besides which she enjoyed the ambiance of libraries and felt Crystal Tokyo wouldn't be a true utopia without them. Sylvite let go of Kodachi. "Okay the Sylvite Express has just arrived. You can open your eyes now." She noticed a tourist staring at them but the locals were already going about their business again. The citizens of Crystal Tokyo were blase about many things that would have passed for miracles anywhere else. Kodachi wasn't too surprised to find herself here. Nor to hear Sylvite say, "Okay let's forget ice cream for now and get you started. Picked a topic yet?" "Well ..." "No. Okay that's where we start. Let's go and ..." Sylvite kept chattering on as she took Kodachi's arm and lead her into the library. Not really hearing but nodding at what seemed the appropriate places Kodachi followed her friend. She was lucky Sylvite was such a good friend. Always willing to help her out. Not that she did it deliberately, she was just disorganized. Just like her own mother had been in her school days. At least that was what she tried to tell herself but part of her mind was sneering over how convenient it was to have an excuse to spend more time Sylvite. The rest was reliving the memory of their recent embrace. 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