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5. Motherly Advice "This has been the worst day of my entire life! My supposed best friend just told me she's got the same interest in me as her idiot brother and all those creeps at school. All these years together and she suddenly decides she's not content to be friends anymore, she wants what all the others want. She was just using our friendship to get close to me and if Alan hadn't exposed her I'd still be clueless. Right now he's looking a lot better than his sister to me. At least he's always been upfront about chasing after me, he's the only one of my wannabe suitors who's always been honest with me. Kodi, we were best friends! How could you betray me like this?" Sylvite stopped writing in her journal and wiped her eyes. The tears were back and that made her angry. Why was she crying? She was furious with that two faced backstabber who'd taken advantage of her gullibility. She'd been right! There was no reason she should feel any guilt about what she'd said to her so called best friend. No reason to feel bad. But deny it as she might she felt rotten. In fact she felt filled with both anger and sorrow, every moment she seemed to shift from one to the other. It wasn't fair! She was the wronged one, why should she feel bad! So she'd blown up at Kodi-chan ... at Aino Kodachi. Who wouldn't? Why should she have to regret anything she said? Wasn't it all justified? Wasn't she right. Slamming the journal closed Sylvite flopped facedown onto her bed and resolved to let the tears flow until they stopped. It had been a mistake to start writing as soon as she got home but she'd felt like she was going to burst if she didn't get her feelings out. Instead she felt worse. It wasn't fair! She was the victim, why should she feel rotten? It just wasn't fair! Caught up in her misery she didn't hear the door open or hear the soft footsteps enter her room. She did feel the flex as the newcomer sat down on the bed beside her and felt the gentle touch wipe tears from her cheek. Grabbing at the hand like a lifeline Sylvite hauled herself up and wrapped her arms around her mother, burying her face against her mother's shoulder she began to bawl. Azurite held her daughter as she literally cried on her shoulder and whispered endearments. For now all her attention was on comforting her daughter. Why she was so miserable could wait until Syl had calmed down. After that she'd worry about the cause and if it resulted from someone's maliciousness ... well Crystal Tokyo rules or not someone was going to be very, very sorry. At length Sylvite's tears stopped though her eyes looked more red than pink for a change. Azurite brought out some tissues and Sylvite blew her nose then cleaned her face off as best she could. Syl looked vulnerable and so much younger than she normally did. Almost as if her physical age finally matched her mental age. Almost. Gently as she could she asked, "Are you ready to talk about it?" A few moments passed and Azurite was more than half expecting a refusal. But hesitantly but definitely Sylvite nodded. Azurite told her to take her time and tell it at her own speed, there was no hurry. Bracing herself for whatever revelation was to come she waited for her daughter to gather her thoughts. Azurite reflected it was funny just how fast things changed. A few minutes ago her concerns had been more cosmic, now she had an unhappy daughter to worry about. Yet there had never been any question about which was more important to her. The Golden Millennium had been decades in the making and would require many more years before it was established. It could wait, her daughter needed her now! Anyone who had seen her earlier would have had no clues that she was meditating on such weighty matters. It would have looked more like she was just enjoying a coffee while idly fingering some small trinket. After all what else could she be doing? At any rate being free of all duties at the time and alone in the house she had elected to use the time contemplating her little souvenir of the trip to Uranus. That was more than a little inaccurate as she had already been carrying it the day they set off on their voyage. But it wasn't until they had arrived within the Shell that it had truly become hers. It wasn't much to look at and, unless you really knew your history, totally unrecognisable. Nothing to indicate that it could turn your whole life upside-down. But it had and someday she would have to deal with the real implications of what it meant. Of course in her case someday was a very nebulous term. Still even with a lifespan as long as hers the day would eventually come that she would have to reveal it. But not today. Though she had never used it in Crystal Tokyo and had no intention of doing so anytime soon she brought it out on occasion to study it. Always only in complete privacy. Only two people in the city knew about it and that was more than enough for the time being. So when she had felt Sylvite's teleport she had automatically hidden it. Even before she realized Syl hadn't arrived in the niche in the front hallway but gone directly to her own room. That was a surprise. To avoid any materialization problems she and Pyr had made it a house rule that there was to be no teleporting to or from home at anywhere other than the alcove. A rule they both followed themselves to set an example. A rule Sylvite had always followed ... except when she was really upset. So (resisting the urge to teleport herself) Azurite had gone upstairs to her daughter's room and tried to decide if it was better to wait until Syl emerged or to knock. Despite all the past experience, friends' advice and child/teen psychology books much of parenting still seemed to be guesswork. The indecision had lasted until she heard Sylvite's sobs get louder and entered without waiting for an invitation. Then held her daughter and waited to find up why she was so worked up. Which was perhaps about to happen as Sylvite finally seemed ready to speak. In a low voice Sylvite began, "You think you know someone, you think they're your friend. But that's not enough for them, they've got other feelings for you and they're using your friendship to get closer to you! Why can't they be happy the way things are?" Azurite nodded, encouraging her to go on though she already thought she knew what this was all about. For the past few months she'd been aware that Luke's feelings toward Sylvite were changing. The boy was growing up and starting to look at his childhood friend in a whole new light. Syl hadn't noticed and still thought of him as a buddy. The whole thing had given Azurite a definite feeling of Deja Vu as Luke kept his mouth shut about any possible changes in their relationship. Of course it wasn't an exact analog to how things had been between her and Pyrite. In Luke's case it was shyness that kept him silent while Pyrite had been struggling with an inferiority complex. Still if Pyr could overcome his obstacle there was no reason to think Luke couldn't beat his. Though Azurite had been very uncertain how Syl would react to his declaration. Now she had her answer but she had never imagined Syl would take it this badly. As she pondered this her daughter resumed her tirade. "I can't believe she said that! What got into her?" Azurite's train of thought derailed rather abruptly. She? Her? Maybe she didn't know what this was all about after all. "A little more explanation would help, honey." Sylvite shuddered then nodded and began to explain. A little later she had finished her story and was looking both angry and embarrassed as she wiped away the beginnings of fresh tears. Her mother steepled her hands and summed up her daughter's rambling explanation. "So Kodachi has just declared she's in love with you or at least thinks she is. It's more than likely she's got a bad crush and figured it's the real thing. First love's like that, contrary to our local mythology love at first sight is rare. And it's stretching things a little to say that's how it was even for Serenity and Endymion." Though, Azurite noted, she could think of better examples but didn't want to complicate things. Sylvite just stared at her and Azurite gave a tolerant smile. Her daughter was obviously disappointed by her lack of anger. "That's all it means to you? Aren't you shocked?" Azurite shrugged. "I'm a little surprised to find Kodachi's interested in girls but that's just how some people are. The percentage varies depending on the studies and after a thousand years they're still arguing genetics versus upbringing but whatever the answer it's undeniable some prefer their own gender. Statistically speaking in a family as big as the Aino clan it's inevitable ... matter of fact one of her brothers whatshisname who runs that dojo is gay." "Daisuke?" "Right, that's him! How'd you know that?" "Alan's mentioned him, he's his martial arts instructor." "Of course. Anyway so since some girls will prefer girls why would it be shocking to find Kodachi's one of them?" "But ... but she says she's in love with me and I don't ... I've never said I like girls! I mean not that way, I mean I like her ... that is I liked her but after this I dunno ... Uhh I mean I liked her but it was the way I liked Leia or Luke or Mara. I've never done anything that she could take to mean I liked her that way." Her mother sighed. "Probably not, honey. But you've frequently been heard saying you hate boys. Which probably got Kodi's hopes up. After all if you hate boys then what's the alternative?" Sylvite went beet red." "That's not what I meant! Just cause I hate boys doesn't mean ..." Syl trailed off in embarrassment and began to study the floor. Her mother put a comforting hand on her shoulder." "It's okay, you don't need to justify yourself. I know what you meant was a lot of boys you meet act like jerks around you and it annoys you." Sylvite nodded vigorously, thankful she didn't have to explain things to her mother. Azurite continued, "It's not your fault if she misinterpreted what you meant." "Right! It's her fault! She should have known better!" Sylvite was very surprised to see her mother shaking her head. "You're making a very big assumption. You're assuming we get to choose who were attracted to and who we fall in love with. I'm afraid it doesn't quite work that way. Especially when you're young. When you get a really strong crush you convince yourself it's true love and you'll desperately seize on anything they say to convince yourself you've got a chance with them. Which is what Kodachi's done. I realize this is a surprise and you have no clear idea how to deal with this but she hasn't done anything wrong. She's just made a mistake." Sylvite looked more than a little skeptical. "I can't accept that. She's got to have known I've never thought of her as anything other than a best friend. Wasn't that enough?" "Evidentially not." "But why? She's got to have known I'd never see her as anything else. Why didn't she just keep quiet and get over it? Why did she have to complicate things like this?" "Didn't you say Alan was the one who brought this all up?" "Well yeah, but he'd never have known for sure if she hadn't started writing all about how she felt in her journal. Why couldn't she just keep it to herself. She'd have got over it on her own!" "Would she?" Sylvite felt puzzled, her mother's soft answer wasn't what she had expected or wanted. She'd been hoping for enthusiastic agreement instead her mother looked a little sad and seemed to be thinking recalling something. After a moment Azurite's expression changed to resolved and she addressed her daughter again. "Syl, you may not believe it but it's actually a good thing this is out in the open. This sort of thing can fester for years and poison friendships if it's not settled." Before her daughter could protest she continued, "Syl when I was your age I was older than you in almost every way but the physical. I was an adult in mind, body and soul ... with one exception. I had as little or perhaps less experience than you or Kodachi when it came to love. Matter of fact I made a mistake a lot like hers." Sylvite still looked puzzled but her attention was rivetted. Azurite plowed on, "Remember by the time I'm fourteen I've met the other Renegades and learned they're like me. For the first time in my life I've got friends. Now if you'd asked me who I was in love with who would I have told you?" Confidently (though rather puzzled at such an obvious question) Sylvite answered, "Dad!" Azurite shook her head. "Nope. Calcite." She managed not to smile as her daughter's jaw dropped and her face went pale. Sylvite gaped and managed to whisper, "uncle cal?". Her mother's nod started her muttering, "But ... but ..." as she struggled to fit this into the world she knew. "Not the answer you were expecting I realize." Sylvite just nodded dumbly. "I didn't say I was in love with him but that's what I would have answered." She sighed, "I was so sure but then I didn't have much experience back then. With hindsight it's a lot more obvious that it was a very serious crush compounded by the fact I'd expected to be alone forever. I had no experience with falling in love so I assumed what I felt was the real thing." She smiled and added, "Not to mention there was also an undeniable amount of lust involved." "MOTHER!" It seemed she had scandalized her daughter. Crystal Tokyo girl, she reminded herself. She sighed. "Syl, I love your father dearly and we've been happy together for centuries. But try and remember I wasn't born married to him. It's important that you understand what I'm trying to tell you." Sylvite hesitated and sat down again trying to not look so shocked. Azurite resumed reminiscing on those days so long ago. "If it'll ease your mind I can tell you honestly that there was never anything between Cal and me. To him I was a good friend and a comrade in arms, he thought of me as something like a sister. Despite which I was sure he'd notice how I felt and suddenly declare he felt the same. It's amazingly easy to delude yourself when you think you're in love. What's really ironic is my relationship with Pyrite was pretty well exactly the same. Both of us keeping quiet from fear of rejection and waiting to be noticed. The difference was his feelings were deeper than mine, he'd grown up with friendship so he could recognise it and knew he felt more than that for me." There was a brief silence broken by Sylvite. "But ... but you did notice him and give up on uncle Cal ..." Sylvite was definitely quieter but still looking a bit glassy eyed. Somewhat uncertainly she added, "Didn't you?" Azurite hesitated before answering. "Not exactly ... I did become involved with Pyrite but I hadn't resolved my feelings for Calcite. I ... I was convinced he was still the great love of my life but until then I'd settle for Pyrite. Please let me finish Syl ... I took your father for granted but I told myself it was okay because he didn't know. I was wrong and it hurt him terribly because I was too stubborn to admit I never had a chance with Calcite and wasn't really in love with him anyway. Eventually everything did come out and it all blew up in my face. That could well have been the end of anything between us forever." Azurite winced at the memory. "I was luckier than I deserved. Pyrite was a lot more forgiving that I had any right to ask. It could so easily have all fallen apart and if it had ... well I don't know where I'd be but when I think of what I'd have missed without him ... that scares me." Sylvite couldn't quite think what to say. "Mom, I ..." "Honey, I'm not telling you this just to make things harder for you. I just want you to understand. I know you're hurt and confused by what Kodachi told you but it's a lot better to get these things out in the open and deal with them. The longer this sort of thing goes on the worse it gets when it comes out. And sooner or later it always comes out." Sylvite looked at her for a few moments. Then leaned over and hugged her mother while trying not to start crying again. Azurite held her daughter and felt some of tension leave Sylvite's back. There wasn't going to be an immediate reconciliation, after all this was still a lot for her daughter to deal with. But she was facing it instead of reacting against it which was a good first step. After that ... well a lot depended on Kodachi accepting the fact that Sylvite didn't view her as a potential lover but there wasn't much she could do about that. All she could do was help Syl come to terms with this new side of Kodachi. It would take a bit of time but she had faith in her daughter. Sylvite let go and sniffled a bit, embarrassed by breaking down again when she had thought she should be angry at her former best friend. Her mother handed her another tissue and thankfully changed the subject. "Things will be difficult between the two of you the next little while so you'd better take a break from the partnership until you've worked things out. We'd better tell Ti that you both need a break from training for the next little while. I can handle that if you'd rather not explain." "I ... I'd really appreciate that, Mom." "No problem, she'll be happy to do a favour for an old friend." Besides, Azurite added to herself, after that little accident she'll probably be eager to keep some distance between you two and her. Out loud she asked, "So how are you enjoying life as the new Sailor Arcturus? Ti's been a little vague about how the training's been going?" Sylvite hesitated before answering. "Uhm ... actually there is something I've been meaning to ask you." Azurite raised an eyebrow. Trying not to look embarrassed she half muttered, "Howdoyoufightinhighheelsanyway?" Azurite took a moment to untangle this then beckoned Sylvite to follow as she headed downstairs. Puzzled Sylvite followed to find her mother checking something on the wallscreen. In answer to her unasked question Azurite told her, "According to this the simulator is idle and not booked by anyone for the next little while. If you'd like we could drop by and you can get a few quick lessons." Eager for the opportunity to find out what she was doing wrong and distract herself from thinking about Kodachi she seized the offer and thanked her mother. Azurite reserved the chamber with her Guardian status and the two headed for the teleporting niche. Privately she found it interesting her daughter was still hooked on being a lesser senshi despite currently avoiding her partner. She'd assumed the whole thing was Kodachi's idea but maybe she was wrong. Anyway luckily she'd never cleared her old costume from the transmuter's memory. After all it wasn't as if she'd ever sworn not to wear it again, it was simply that with her status as a Guardian of Crystal Tokyo and with her powers and nature public knowledge why did she need a secret identity anymore? Sylvite was more than welcome to it if it made her happy. A little later Sailor Arcturus was standing in a grimy alleyway over the unconscious forms of four muggers. A second Sailor Arcturus was applauding. "Wow! That was incredible, Mom!" To an extent Azurite agreed, but not for the reasons Sylvite thought. The incredible part was that she'd been able to do it while moving so slowly and providing a running commentary to her daughter. To ensure her daughter could try and duplicate her feat she had relied solely on strength and speed instead of invoking any powers. The differences between their abilities would have made that a bit too complicated. "Computer, reset scenario and hold." The muggers vanished to reappear on their feet menacing a young couple with a child. Nobody moved except Azurite as she stepped clear. "Okay, now it's your turn. Ready?" "Almost, give me a moment." Azurite nodded and Sylvite went through a quick exercise routine to limber up. As she did Azurite studied her closely confirming a few suspicions. She kept the frown off her face and was glad she'd found this scenario in the open directory. If she'd run any of her training programs Syl would be able to claim (correctly) that it was too advanced to expect her to do well. Fortunately Ti had entered a number of simple combat scenarios while working out her training program. Now she just had to wait and see if things went as she expected. "Okay, I'm ready." Azurite nodded, "Very well. Computer, run program." A few moments later she sighed and said simply, "Freeze." She walked over to look down at Sylvite who was sprawled against a wall surrounded by the frozen foursome who were bringing their weapons to bear on the clumsy intruder. Somewhat shamefacedly she murmured, "I umm ... I slipped." "I noticed." She winced at her mother's dry tone and tried to avoid looking at her as she was helped to her feet. Her mother gave another command and the scene dissolved leaving the room bare. She started to protest but trailed off feeling like a fool. She felt her mother's hand's on her shoulders and looked up at her sympathetic face. "Honey, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It's a very bad idea to wear heels in a fight and there's damned few who have the knack. Matter of fact apart from me and Rei I can't think of anyone crazy enough to try it." "But ... but I have to! Sailor Arcturus ..." "Syl, there's nothing sacred about that costume just because it's old. I created it overnight when I was trying to come up with a senshi identity. It worked fine for me but ..." Azurite decided a visual aid might help. "Computer, mirror." Soundlessly an ornate floor length mirror materialized before them. Standing before her daughter she asked. "Now compare the images. What do I look like?" "Uhm ... well ... sexy ... but kind of scary too." Azurite nodded, "Right, that's the appearance I was going for. Tough, desirable and predatory. A sharp contrast to the senshi's goodgirl image. Of course this was a few years before the Starlights showed up." She reminded herself that she'd never met the ones from this universe but from all accounts they matched the Beta versions. But this was distracting her from her main point. She gestured at the their images which her daughter was studying and frowning. "The upshot is it worked for me. I fit the costume's style." Sylvite nodded. "But you don't." Sylvite turned to face her. "How can you say that?" "Easy, look at your reflection. The spikes, boots and heels just don't work. It's just ... well you're far too cute." Sylvite went red. She managed to mumble, "I can be scary!", but Azurite shook her head. "No you can't." Her daughter's flush deepened and she reached for her collar yet again. Azurite caught her hand, "If you keep doing that, you'll gash your hand." Sylvite began to stammer something but Azurite overrode her. Gently she said, "You find the costume uncomfortable." It wasn't really a question but Sylvite nodded anyway. "It just needs a little adjustment ..." "Uh huh. How many times did you whack Kodachi with your wrist spikes?" "ALMOST NEVER!" Aware of how defensive she sounded Sylvite's blush deepened. Azurite sighed. "Syl, you're free to be Sailor Arcturus if that's what you want. But there's no reason you have to wear a costume that's totally impractical to you. Look, the real senshi have modified their costumes so there's plenty of precedent." "Yesss ..." Cautiously she agreed. Her mother wasn't saying she couldn't be Sailor Arcturus and she had to admit it would be nice to have a more comfortable costume. Besides she was sick of losing her balance while running or even walking. "The colours stay the same!" That should make it clear who she was supposed to be. No, who she was! Azurite nodded. "Certainly. Then we're agreed?" Sylvite nodded. "Great, I'll call your father and we'll all work on the redesign. He'll be happy to help." Especially since he's been having second thoughts about you wearing that costume, she thought. There comes a time in every father's life when he has to reluctantly admit his little girl is growing up. Pyrite had been forced to face that a lot earlier than most but he'd been doing a good job of denial for the past few years. But that barrier had been crumbling fast after Sylvite got her costume and he'd been regretting having created it for her. He'd definitely welcome a less risque version. "Uhm, Mom ...?" "What is it, honey?" "I was just thinking that while I'm solo maybe ... would you maybe think about training me?" She was a little hurt when Azurite shook her head. "I think that would be a bad idea, honey. Ti's a much better choice to teach you what you want to know." "But why? You were a lesser senshi for a long time and you were Arcturus again during the war. You can't be that rusty! Is it because I'm your daughter?" "Partially but that's not the real reason. Syl, Ti took after the inner senshi. Like them she's a champion. As for me ... I've always been a warrior." Sylvite looked puzzled, "I don't understand. What's the difference?" "Hopefully you'll never know", her mother thought. Out loud she said simply, "She's the better choice, please trust me on this." Syl looked a little uncertain but nodded and Azurite breathed a sigh of relief. It was later that night that Sylvite stood in front of a mirror assessing her revised costume. Behind her she heard her parents whispering but couldn't make it out. Ignoring it she concentrated on the image. The spikes were all gone. So were the boots and fishnets, leaving her legs bare. Her new footwear resembled black ballet slippers but were a lot tougher despite remaining flexible. She had to admit it felt a lot better than teetering on those stilts. The higher neckline was also more her style as was the looser skirt though it felt a little odd for her throat to be bare. Odd but a darned sight more comfortable. It felt odder still not to see the transmuter but dad had altered so it was now part of her tiara. When deactivated it would again become her watch. Which reminded her ... She brushed her left wrist and saw digital figures appear on the glove along with readouts on temperature, humidity and barometer pressure. Just like dad to try and cram in everything. She brushed the same place again and the figures all vanished. Then jumped as her father appeared at her side. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you dear. Let's see ... I've added a vocal activation to the transmuter so you can just say "Arcturus Star Power, Make Up" if you want to. That'll give you this, the default costume. Mode 2 covers all your bare skin. Mode 3 adds a bubble helmet with an air recycler, that's for emergency use only so don't abuse it. All that's left is this." With that he handed her a brooch, a flat oval of blue stone surrounded by a gold band. "Just attach it to the center of your chest bow." He looked a little embarrassed. Sylvite almost giggled as she thought about asking her father to place it but decided after all he'd done that would be rude. It fit seamlessly into place and she admired it. A thought struck her. "This stone, is it ...?" He nodded, "Azurite. To remind you you're a chip off the old block." "It's pretty. But shouldn't I have something from you?" "Actually you already do. That's not real gold around the azurite, it's really fool's gold. Also known as ..." "Iron pyrites." She studied it again. "Pyrite and Azurite joined together ... it's perfect." "I hoped you'd like it." "Thanks Dad ..." She hesitated wondering if she should ask him anything about what Mom had told her earlier in the day. No, it had all worked out okay so why should she risk stirring up trouble. They were already helping her cope with her situation and it would be a rotten way to repay them by dredging up things from long ago. She settled for, "... I love you." Deadpan he raised an eyebrow and asked, "Don't you hate boys?" Two could play that game. "Yeah but I never said I hate men so it's okay." "Ah. But what about young Luke?" Sylvite flushed. "Dad! He's just a buddy." Azurite caught his eye and he nodded slightly. "My mistake. Anyway princess with school tomorrow it's about time you turn in." Sylvite considered a pro-forma protest but realized she was pretty tired. It had been an exhausting day physically and emotionally. Kissing her parents goodnight she deactivated the costume and headed upstairs. As soon as she was out of earshot Pyrite murmured, "I'll bet things will be a little tense in class tomorrow." "No bet, I'm sure you're right. But running away from a problem doesn't work. They've got to face each other and work it out." "I know ... wonder how Kodachi's doing?" Azurite frowned, "I called Minako a little earlier. She didn't want to talk and was obviously worked up about something so odds are Kodachi's dropped her little bombshell." Pyrite nodded. "It took her awhile to warm up to Daisuke after he started dating boys but she came around." "Eventually." "True, it took a while. But she did get over it." "Yeah ... I'll bet Cal and Kodachi are in for a rough ride the next little while." Pyrite nodded again. "As you said, no bet. Think I'll give them a call myself." He ambled to the phone and told it to call Cal and Mina. It was picked up almost immediately by a somewhat harried looking Calcite. "Cal ..." "Hi cousin. Look this isn't a real good time, could you call back tomorrow?" Before Pyrite could answer he heard a familiar voice in the background. "This is all your fault! Stupid youma genes! I WILL PUNISH YOU!" "Gotta go, bye." Without waiting for an acknowledgement the call disconnected. Azurite chuckled behind him. "About what we expected." "More or less. Such is fate." "Hmmm ... times like these I almost wonder if he should have stuck with Margrave." Pyrite chuckled, it took a lot for her to give Margrave anything resembling a compliment. Then, remembering Azure telling him what she'd told their daughter earlier in the day he added, "Or you could have made a move on him." "Now why would I want to do a silly thing like that?" "True, you got the better catch. Ouch!" "Watch it mister. You'd better be able to back that up." "My pleasure." As they kissed Sylvite stopped peeking downstairs and headed for her room feeling relieved. Just good-natured banter which was a relief. She had been afraid by recalling the past her mother might have started thinking "what if ... ?" but there was no sign of that. For which she was thankful as she'd had more than enough drama for one day. As she settled into bed she wondered if her parents were any weirder than most. But considering most of the adults she knew were either senshi, youma or from other dimensions they were probably more or less average. It occurred to her that objectively speaking this should be a somewhat alarming thought instead of comforting. But she wasn't an objective person, if today had taught her anything it was she took things a bit too personally. Sylvite drifted off to sleep wondering how Kodi was getting on with her parents. End of part 5 Next: We backtrack to see how Calcite and Minako handled Kodachi's surprise announcement as she decided to have a few words with her apparently unflappable dad in: Part 6 : Father Knows Best?
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