The Walter the Wobot Shrine : Walter's short lived career

After the Neon Knight incident Walter returned to his duties as Dredd's dutiful but unpaid servant. Not that Dredd ever could have paid him as Judges don't draw a salary. It was never discussed but we can assume the rent for Dredd's conapt in Rowdy Yates block is paid directly from Justice Central accounts without him ever actually handling funds. Sort of puts the street judges at the mercy of the accounting division if they have to approve all expenses. Making Dredd's occasional feuds with them a bad idea. Anyway since neither Dredd nor Walter ever have any money that should lead to a spartan lifestyle. Which is as it should be for a Judge except that in Prog 33 that suddenly changed. Art by Ian Gibson, again story uncredited but either Wagner or Mills

After breaking up an attempt at vigilante justice by Walter's fellow cabbies Dredd dealt out the law to a gang who had been targeting taxis. Walter started singing Dredd's praises but Dredd had other things on his mind.

So that was that and Dredd forgot about it. Or did he? In next week's prog he faked in own death in a sting operation to catch a bent Judge. The shock nearly blew Walter's circuits and I have to wonder if Dredd took some satisfaction in that. Art by Mike McMahon from prog 34.

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