The Walter the Wobot Shrine - Page 3

Part 3 : Walter the Hewo

Despite what you might think Walter did do more for Dredd than butler duties and annoying him. Much as Dredd might hate to admit it Walter saved his life on several occasions and was the key to the overthrow of the tyrannical Chief Judge Cal
But before The Day the Law Died aka Judge Caligula kicked off Dredd had to prove he wasn't a murderer.Click here for the prologue.
This way for Walter's part in The Day the Law Died
It wasn't until the 1992 Judge Dredd Yearbook that we learned Walter's free robot status was restored for his aid against Cal. Art by Geoff Senior

That renewed free robot status came in handy whenWalter took on a gang of bank robbers and paid the price for his heroism
But Walter wasn't discouraged by the experience, he was eager to help Dredd run a sting operation on a gang of robot thieves
Not to mention Walter saved Dredd's life during the Apocalypse War
Sadly all good things must come to an end. Including Walter and Judge Dredd's Partnership

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