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Who is Walter the Wobot you ask? How soon they forget. Walter, once Judge Dredd's trusty robotic sidekick in the early days when Dredd's world was still being sketched out, has certainly faded into the background over the years. This page is dedicated to keeping his memory alive. Which doesn't really answer the question, "Who is Walter the Wobot?", but it does justify this page. Now on to the biography. Walter's career spans twenty-three years, from his first appearance in prog 10 of 2000AD (April 30 1977) to his most recent appearance in Prog 1208 (Aug 30-Sept 5 2000) of 2000AD. If he was originally created by Pat Mills or John Wagner is unknown (at least by me) but he added a comic note to the series as Dredd's lisping manservant in sharp contrast to the always serious, ultimate tough guy Judge.
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Walter was apparently constructed on the Moon at the Interglobal Hardware Company of Luna-1 along with his brother Gus. Of course as this was revealed in one of the very tongue in cheek John Wagner/Brian Bolland solo adventures you can't take that too seriously. In any event Walter was shipped to Mega City 1, the vast megalopolis of 800 million people that covered the East Coast of North America. Designed as a mobile drink dispenser and all purpose servo robot by April 2099 Walter was hard at work in the kitchens of the Grand Hall of Justice. It wouldn't be long before the Robot Rebellion engulfed the vast citystate and began the relationship between Judge Dredd and Walter. A robot who wanted to be loved and a man who had made himself a machine they seemed polar opposites yet perhaps that's why a partnership began between them. A partnership that would end ignominiously seventeen years later in 2116 AD. Hopefully that answers your question. We now present Walter the Wobot and one Droid's Life.

1. The Early Years
2. The Solo Strips
3. Walter the Hewo
4. Bweakup and Disillusionment
5. Call-Me-Walter
6. The Weturn of Walter! - Updated Oct. 15 2001

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