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While Walter vowed vengeance the Judges assigned to dump Dredd's body found out the hard way he was still alive. Badly injured but alive Dredd tried to make it back to the passageway. Meanwhile unaware of this Walter and Maria began their own war intending a raid on the East-Meg held Grand Hall of Justice, the site of Dredd's apparent death.

So how did Dredd survive a bullet in the heart anyway?

Having saved Dredd's life Walter got him back to his headquarters. We don't have any of the details but it might have been quite a trek from the East-Meg 1 held sectors, through the battlelines back into the beseiged Central Sector.

With that Walter's part in the Apocalypse War ended and no details are known about any of his further exploits in the war. But he had already gone beyond the call of duty so there would be no shame in reverting to servant duties for the remainder of the war. It's a fair bet that Dredd's headquarters needed a good tidying. Which almost concludes this page except for a little bit more about the war. Once he had sufficently recovered from his wounds Dredd set about winning the war with an audacious plan. With a picked crew he hijacked a Strato V and broke into an East-Meg 1 missile silo. Retargeting their TAD (Total Annihilation Devices) missiles on East-Meg 1 Dredd prepared to launch.

With East-Meg 1 destroyed the invaders lost heart and once War Marshal Kazan died at Dredd's hands the East-Meg forces surrendered. The Apocalypse War was over though Mega City 1 would bear its scars for years to come until it was finally eclipsed by the horrors of Necropolis and Judgement Day.

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