The Walter the Wobot Shrine : Luna-1
With Prog 42 Dredd had his first break from being a Street Judge. Still after distinguishing himself in the Robot Wars and with his own sterling record he was probably the only reasonable choice. Dredd accepted, perhaps partially because it meant a break from Walter. We'll never know. At any rate Luna 1 took Dredd to the moon and brought a definite spaghetti western feel to the series for the next few months as Dredd took on Luna-1's biggest rancher, bandits from the oxygen desert, claimjumpers, villains picking on a sweet old widow lady and a lot of other cowboy cliches. But first he had to get there. Script by John Wagner, Art by Ian Gibson.

And so began Dredd and Walter's lunar adventures. Walter had quite a few solo adventures during those six months but these are dealt with on their own page. This section is still under construction but there's two connected pages up to check out. First up there's a different Judge Dredd Christmas story.

On the Walter and Dredd's First Christmas

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