The Walter the Wobot Shrine : The Robot Wars 1

A prisoner of a robot who says he's a big fan of Adolf Hitler and beaten to within an inch of his life things aren't looking too good for Dredd. Lucky for him it's Walter to the rescue. Art by Ian Gibson from Prog 14.
Free at last Dredd joins a group of rebel droids who have decided they liked it better when humans were giving the orders. Mike McMahon's art from Prog 15.
The plan? Sneak into the control room put the old programming back and manufacture an army of pro-human robots. It works and soon the factory is running black with oil as robot civil war breaks out. After Dredd's robots have won the battle Walter springs into action.
While the factory has fallen Call-Me-Kenneth still has his army of Heavy Metal Kids and the giant construction droids are smashing their way into the Grand Hall of Justice. Ron Turner returns for prog 16 as Dredd comes up with his own plan to destroy Call-Me-Kenneth and his remaining forces before they wipe out most of the Judges and turn Dredd's victory into a rout.
Meanwhile back at the Hall of Justice ...
Their circuits scrambled the robots turned on one another until they had reduced each other to scrap. His army gone the damaged robot leader perished in a final showdown with Judge Dredd. Film buffs might notice Call-Me-Kenneth stole his last words from James Cagney in "White Heat". With the war over the Chief Judge saw to it that the heroes were rewarded. Robots Howard, Stewart and J70/13 were awarded pleasure circuits. This was believed to be the greatest reward a robot could hope for but for Walter the Chief Judge came up with something better. Art by Ian Gibson from Prog 17.
And so a great partnership is born, man of iron and robot of mush. Truly the dynamic duo.

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