The Walter the Wobot Shrine - Page 5

Part 5 : Call-Me-Walter

Walter's next encounter with Dredd was a shock to longtime fans of the amiable droid who had always seemed immune to Dredd's constant abuse. It all happened parts 2 & 3 of "Giant" published in Judge Dredd Megazine (vol. 2) #51 & 52 (Script by John Wagner, Art by Ian Gibson) This story followed Rookie Giant's assessment by Judge Dredd under the new accelerated graduation program at the Academy of Law. After Necropolis, Judgement Day and Inferno there's a definite Judge shortage in Mega City One. Responding to a Code 99 Red the Judges find a Construction Droid wreaking havoc under the control of its operator. A robot who is chanting the name of Call-Me-Kenneth along with "Kill the Fleshy Ones". Knowledge that a droid built after the Robot Wars should not possess. After disabling the robot they trace the droids to the construction company that owns them to discover that both machines had been examined regularly as required by law and seemed clean. Becoming suspicious of the droid in charge of maintainance they follow him to a secret meeting where they find a robot cult. A cult run by the last robot Dredd would have suspected

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