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With these words War Marshal Kazan of East-Meg 1 began the occupation of Mega City 1 as the Apocalypse War changed from nuclear conflict to conquest. But perhaps we should backtrack a little on the Great War of 2104 AD for those who don't know the story. It began a few days earlier as Block Mania gripped Mega City 1. Across the city the Citi-Def (Citizen Defense Units) of the City Blocks engaged in open warfare. At first it seemed that some form of mass psychosis had gripped the city, a not unreasonable assumption considering the frequency of interblock rivalry escalating into armed conflict. But never had it happend to this degree as the madness spread across the city affecting both Judges and Citizens. Too late Dredd discovered the effect was manmade, the contamination spread by Orlock, a Judge of East-Meg 1. While Dredd captured Orlock he had already infected the whole city leaving Mega City 1's defenses torn apart by a hundred civil wars that raged out of control. Using Orlock's blood to produce an antidote the Judges were able to innoculate and/or cure most of the Judge Force but the damage was done. The American Mega City's defenses were full of holes that the Russian Citystate proceeded to exploit. At last nuclear assault gave way to the invasion and the East Meg forces poured into Mega City 1. Before evacuating the command bunker Dredd addressed the wartorn city. All Apocalypse War art by Carlos Ezquerra, script by John Wagner & Alan Grrant.

While Walter hunted for Dredd, sure he could cure Maria, the East-Meg 1 forces were having their own troubles with the Block Mania crazed citizens. Instead of fleeing or surrendering the infected citizenry were fighting like maniacs against the invaders with the same ferocity they had turned on one another. Kazan demoted the general who had issued total extermination orders to his forces. If he had wanted Mega City 1 a dead city he would simply have continued the nuclear attack. He wanted the city captured and the people enslaved and he had just the weapon to simplify that task.

So Walter was stuck with a block mania crazed Maria and continued hunting for Judge Dredd sure that his master could fix everything. Meanwhile Dredd had his hands full leading the resistance as he tried to cut the links between the occupied Northern Sector and the Free Souther Sector.
Viva La Resistance!

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