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Resistance is Futile?

With the Weather Control System running wild citizen refugees fled from the fighting in the north to the relative safety of the south. Except for one odd pair headed the opposite direction.

Further south Dredd was trying to hold the line against the invaders while destroying all accessible transport routes. The last remaining major skyway was the Dan Tanna Junction but Dredd's forces couldn't break through the East Meg advance. Though Dredd didn't know it he had fallen into Kazan's trap. While the advancing forces kept him pinned Strato Vs were moving in behind them. A classic pincher maneuver that might well have worked if Dredd hadn't recieved a warning from a very unexpected source.

After bringing down the junction and turning the city bottom route into an inferno Dredd just missed a meeting with Walter and Maria.

His forces diminishing Dredd's tactics switched to hit and run raids against the invaders. But it was becoming obvious that while they could make the East-Meg forces pay heavily for every centimetre of ground they couldn't stop them. Morale was running pretty low and dropped lower when Chief Judge Griffin appeared on citywide broadcasts calling for an end to resistance and surrender to East Meg-1.

Using the same hidden route into the Hall of Justice he had used when Cal reigned Dredd entered secretly and disguised himself as an East-Meg 1 judge. Confronting the brainwashed Chief Judge during a staged question and answer show Dredd asked Griffin if everything he had said was a lie to deceive the citizens.

So all Mega City 1 had just witnessed Dredd's execution of the Chief Judge and his own suicide. Somewhere in the city Walter vowed vengeance!

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