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Day the Law Died 3 : Return of the Dreddi

With no one left to oppose him Chief Judge Cal set out to prove that his predecessor had been excessively liberal by reintroducing the death penalty and applying it to formerly trival crimes like criticising the Chief Judge. This was followed by a citywide curfew, any citizen on the streets after 6pm was fair game. Walter was ignorant of all this, all his attention was on was focused on Dredd's brain operation. Art from Prog 90 by Mike McMahon.

Amazingly no Judge refused to acknowledge the new Deputy. Dredd was (according to Cal) sentenced to death by Fish but rescued by Judge Giant, his former rookie. Giant found them a hiding place with the tutors of the Academy of Law who were also free of the mysterious influence Cal had over the Judges. A handful of elderly and injured Judge-Tutors wasn't much of an army but that didn't deter Dredd. Walter was probably the last thing on his mind when he stormed Broadcast Control and called on the citizens to rebel against Cal. However he did inadvertantly let Walter know he was still alive and about to administer a damned good kicking.

Unfortunately Walter had celebrated too soon. While Dredd's citizen army pushed the Judges back to the Grand Hall of Justice the tide turned when Cal's alien mercenaries, The Kleggs, arrived. Dredd's resistance group was reduced back to the core of Judge-Tutors and Giant and switched to hit and run guerilla operations though it did manage to reverse Cal's decision to sentence the whole city to death. Not surprisingly many citizens decided that the Cursed Earth suddenly looked like a warm and inviting place. Using the Kleggs to drive back the mass exodus Cal decided he needed something to prevent them trying again. He commanded a wall a mile high be built around the city in three weeks using as much slave labour as necessary. Interestingly after the fall of Cal the Judges made no moves to demolish it and continue to maintain it. So it seems Cal wasn't totally out of step with the Justice Department mentality. At any rate Dredd's efforts to sabotage the building of the City Wall lead to a brief reunion with Walter. Art by Mike McMahon from Prog 96.

To this point Walter had been an insignificant factor in the war against Cal. But all too soon his efforts would become vital. As Dredd would soon discover

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