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The Odd Couple

People find friends in the strangest places. Case in point; after the Klegghounds lead the Kleggs to Dredd's headquarters Dredd and his surviving rebels attmepted to flee in a roadliner. Cal personally blew up the road under them as the exited the Trans-Ohio Tunnel and the roadliner plunged down to and through city bottom into the pollution filled Ohio River now better known as the Big Smelly. Everyone assumed Dredd was dead and the despairing citizens went into mourning. Furious that so few citizens took advantage of his "Day without Law" in celebration of Dredd's death Cal outlawed happiness. Which in a roundabout way brings us back to the original point. Dredd wasn't dead, he had survived in the crash-proof command capsule along with Giant, Griffin, Pepper and Kelso. Five men against Justice Department. Soon it was six as Dredd fought, defeated and won the respect of Fergee, the "King" of the Big Smelly. Having gained an ally and some breathing room the five Judges tried to puzzle out why their former comrades were following Cal so blindly. Art by Brian Bolland.

Okay so now they had a theory but what good did it do them? And what does all this have to do with Walter? We're getting to that. Dredd got Fergee to guide him back from the underworld to the city above. After commendeering a pat-wagon Dredd and Fergee headed for their desination. Dredd's old con-apt in Rowdy Yates Block. Only to find the place far from unoccupied. Art by Gary Leach.

Fergee got heavy with the Kleggs. But how did that lead to this?

You'll have to check it out for yourselves.

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