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2000AD's infamous Summer Offensive of 1993 brought Walter back to his old home in that year's megaepic. Pity it wasn't a more memorable vehicle which was surprising as Grant Morrison had taken over the writing chores. But, much as I like Morrison's work, this story of yet another invasion of Mega City One was nothing special. After John Wagner's Necropolis and Garth Ennis's Judgement Day yet another disaster striking the city and cutting down scores of Judges seemed old hat. Given the massive losses in that five year span you have to wonder if the Judges can continue to maintain order especially as it takes 13 years of training to produce the next crop of Judges. No wonder McGruder was pushing the Mechismo project so hard. Anyway back to Inferno's plot. A mass breakout of the Titan Penal Colony inmates is followed by the psychopathic former judges launching an assault on Mega City One. After infected the city with the Meat Virus they head in to wipe out the Judges. Sick and driven from the city the Judges plan how to retake MC1 from Grice, leader of the Titan inmates. After Grice throws Chief Judge McGruder from the city wall Dredd goes in to take Grice down. Not a wise move as the virus is already slowing him down. Caught by Grice's bodyguards a savage beating follows. Inferno part 6, Prog 847. Art by Carlos Ezquerra.
Saved at the last minute. But by whom?
This was a fairly large hint that Walter's personality had been through a few changes. Bombs are a lot heavier than custard pies but under the circumstances Dredd doesn't seem too bothered. A pity he didn't recollect this later as it could have saved a lot of trouble and a few lives. Anyway Walter still hadn't given up on Dredd despite getting the same old treatment from the Judge.
While Dredd normally mows down muties by the dozen here all he can manage in his weakened condition is to make them mad. Prog 848, Inferno, part 7.
After the cavalry arrives Walter once more is brushed aside and ignored. From later events it's pretty obvious Dredd didn't even bother with a "Thanks Walt" once the Judges reclaimed the city and administered the virus cure. This appears to have been the final straw as Walter finally hit his breaking point. Love turned to hate and Walter started re-evaluating his entire life, coming to a startling conclusion. It was certainly a surprise to Dredd during the final assessment for Judge Cadet Giant.
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