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Leaving Giant to finish off Walter's followers Dredd pursues his former servant and calls on him to surrender or be destroyed. Walter's last minion urges him to flee but Walter seems to have given up.

The moment you never thought you'd see

Judgement is Nigh

Rookie Giant passed his assessment despite berating Dredd for underestimating Walter and letting his guard down. Actually Dredd would have failed Giant if he hadn't told him he would be reporting it to the Chief Judge. As for Walter?
For Walter's thoughts on how things turned out here's an artist's impression by Jake Lynch Thanks to W.R. Logan and his Dredd Fanzine Class of '79 for making it available.
Farewell thou good and faithful servant. As Judge Dredd is always 122 years later than contemporary time and "Giant" was published in 1994 it seemed it would be be 2024 AD (or 2146 AD Mega City dating) before Walter had served his sentence and 2000AD published "The Weturn of Walter". However the question of if Walter would fair better than Rico in his attempt at revenge on Dredd has become moot. Thanks to Neros Narcos and the Second Robot War!

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