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Incident At Rowdy Yates

Five years into his thirty year sentence for attempted judge-murder and in the wake of the Second Robot War Walter returned to 2000 AD. Prog 1169 (Nov 10-16 1999) featured a Dredd story titled "Incident at Rowdy Yates" which saw Dredd returning to his apartment in Rowdy Yates Block for the first time in weeks after a call that a robot had been seen hanging around his quarters. Dredd had been too busy to drop by lately what with being shanghied to the New Kremlin in the Mediterranean Free State to stand trial for war crimes before the survivors of East-Meg 1. After escaping that and fighting the Robot War orchestrated by Nero Narcos, the head of the Frendz Crime Syndicate anf the aftermath of that Dredd had been far too busy for any downtime. But a report of robotic presence at his apartment could mean a boobytrap had been installed by Narcos before his death. Dredd investigated and just before opening the door found there was a robot lurking near his apartment. However it wasn't one of Narcos' Assassinators.

The door was blasted as soon as Walter opened it. Dredd had been quite right, Narcos had left him a going away present. Dredd blasted the assassination droid but there wasn't much left of his apartment after the firefight. After quoting, "The evil men do lives after them", Dredd remembered to check how Walter was doing.

For those who don't know her Mrs Gunderson was once Judge Death's landlady. Amazingly she had survived this, a subsequent encounter with the superfiend and several other nervewracking adventures protected from trauma by her almost total lack of eyesight and hearing. Like Walter before her Dredd appears to have a soft spot for her as he was the one who suggested she turn the room she used to rent into a tourist attraction with "Holiday Macabre" after it was discovered to have been spiritually contaminated by Judge Death's presence. Within the year this new dynamic duo had an adventure together as Walter finally got his rematch with Mean Machine Angel!

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