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Turned Out Quite Nice Again

This was the title of Walter's last appearance to date in the Judge Dredd story that ran in Progs 1207-1208 (Aug 23-Sept 5 2000). Scripted by John Wagner with art by Henry Flint this story brought Walter together a number of recurring Megacity characters; Mean Machine Angel, Frank Nice and his adopted son Chuck and of course Mrs Gunderson. Thanks to Mega City One's Weather Control breaking down the city had been hit with an uncontrollable blizzard and the Judges had imposed a curfew to keep the citizens off the street so they wouldn't add to the disaster. Which meant the patrons of the Quite Nice Bar (Prop. Frank Nice) were stuck there for the duration. Far from the worse place to be but there were a few complications. A sucidal bomber who called himself "Urban Terror" had swallowed a bomb set to go off during his appointment with Councillor Shins. Except now rather than dying making a political statement he was just going to blow a hole in the bar which wasn't sitting very well wuth him. Nor was the bomb in his bowels. Mr. Nice (who along with his patrons wasn't taking him seriously) directed him to the toilets then told Chuck to give everyone a drink on the house. Which brings our hero into the story.

Sad to say that Herman, like all the other actors who played the part of Judge Death for Mrs Gunderson's "Holiday Macbre" had been overwhelmed by Judge Death's malignent psychic residue and was near the breaking point. A fact that Frank Quite was in obvious denial about after the trauma of Judge Dredd gunning down the last Judge Death Reinactor on his premises some months earlier. Plus as if one murderous psychopath wasn't enough another was about to make a reappearance.

As you might have guessed Mean hadn't been rehabilitated and made a warden at the psychocubes. The shuttle carrying him had crashed (if this had killed the crew or if Mean broke loose and butted them wasn't clear) so Mean had taken the uniform and fled dragging the other psycho cube inmates along to aid in his impersonation. Uncommonly intelligent for Mean but not nearly as clever as putting on the uniform with only one arm and no opposable thumb. Anyway smelling a rat Frank told Chuck to call the Judges while he distracted Mean. Unfortunately Mean realised his act wasn't working and took action. Which, as always, meant it was butting time.

If the moronic Mean would have remembered his last encounter with Walter without the busybody's reminder is questionable but one thing was very clear. It was finally time for round 2!

Walter vs Mean Machine - The Rematch!

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